The do's and don'ts of tipping

Many people have turned to social media to share their "random acts of kindness", but there's more to the story than meets the eye for some.

One viral clip by TikToker user @alohaocean shows a Starbucks "barista" dressed in a green apron, delivering a stack of drinks to a car.

The "barista" starts passing the large order through the window, claiming he was "a little new" at the job. As he finishes, the couple hand over a rack of twenty-dollar bills and says, "this is for you."

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"Thank you so much, I'm so far behind on my bills," the man responds before walking back to the Starbucks and jumping for joy.

The clip has since racked up almost 370,000 views, along with thousands of comments questioning the authenticity of the footage.


Random acts of kindness, go a long way #alohaocean #starbucks@@woochains@@Oh It’s Mik ✨

Later, a woman claiming to be an employee of that particular Starbucks branch turned to Twitter with claims it was all a set up.

"They filmed this in front of my store (the person with the apron on in the video does not work here) And they did not actually tip any of the baristas," she said, before calling social media a "disease".

In a follow-up, she said: "In honor of this tweet getting attention Please Be kind to your baristas, waiters, servers, cashiers (and everyone else) & if you ever have some extra cash or if you’re in the position to tip, it is always appreciated".

People were quick to chime in on the bizarre situation, with one saying: "He’s bout to get DRAGGED in them comments on the video".

Another added: "Can we, for real, try and talk about what the actual mentality behind this is? Like literally why?"

Indy100 reached out to Starbucks and @alohaocean for comment.

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