An American has taken out a huge advert in The Times to say he's the rightful King of England

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A man who claims to be Allan V. Evans from Colorado in the United States, is claiming to be a descendent of a royal Welsh line from the 3rd Century and:

shall further pursue an injustice of history by claiming by right the Throne and Sovereign Crown of Great Britain at Westminster.

David Mapstone is the man who brought it to our attention.

We checked the first edition online - it's real - it was on page 53:

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In 2012, according to 13WMAZ, a man called Allan V. Evans from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, attempted to claim 400 acres of land in Twiggs county.

He claimed that 35 homeowners lived on his estate, with proof that his ancestors had lived there, but with no evidence to support his claim of ownership.

In 1901 the Macon Telegraph reported that a fire burned down the county courthouse.

Evans said this is where his evidence was destroyed.

His claims were reported in the legal humour website, Lowering The Bar.

indy100 contacted the Government's Legal Department for comment about his claim. They informed us that they have had no contact with a man of the namesake in the advert. They therefore can't comment on his claims further.

We'll obviously be keeping a close eye on this one.

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