American man manages to get Brits very upset with his thoughts on the chip butty
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People on Twitter are raging at the audacity of an American man who has just discovered that a chip sandwich aka the hallowed ‘chip butty’ is a thing and unbelievable thinks they are a terrible idea.

The Twitter user that we know only as Jack has and reignited a host of other cross-Atlantic food arguments when this tweet dropped. It has gone viral, with over 115,000 likes to date. How could so many agree?

Britain is perceived as having some of the worst food in the world, often believed to be because of the wartime traditions that involved a lot of starch and many tinned goods.  More central to the dispute are dishes like beans on toast which aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing but are a much-loved tradition nonetheless.

Chip butties are much the same and would appear to be Britain’s greasy, yellow best-kept secret...until now. The aforementioned Jack, who may or may not have been deliberately trolling claimed that upon learning of the delicacy had become ‘irrationally angry.’

Jack’s commentary has made a lot of Brits very defensive, professing their love for the sandwich.

In fact, his callout had the opposite might have had the opposite effect, making many Twitter users crave the salty buttery treat.

It has also created some tensions over the distinction between the thin, crisp American ‘fry’ and the fluffy British chip.

Food writer Jack Monroe - famed for making delicious meals on small budgets - weighed in on the action with a suggestion that pairs perfectly.

Some Americans were able to embrace the sheer number of carbohydrates.

Though honestly? They are really not in a position to criticise.

Since his tweet went viral Jack has since doubled down on his initial thoughts, but a chip butty will always cure a hangover better than any PB&J could.

Maybe not.

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