US woman makes valid point about Americans getting confused by place names in England

US woman makes valid point about Americans getting confused by place names in England
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An American living in the UK raised a very interesting point, that no one has ever paid attention to before – and now, people can't take their minds off it.

Pop star and viral TikToker Sola (@iamsolamusic) took to the platform to ask why Americans pronounce places such as Cheshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire with the pronunciation "shyre" (i.e. Che-shyre).

She added: "I don't know why I'd never noticed it before, but I still don't understand why we'd pronounce it differently when it's a former literal UK colony."

Sola then highlighted that the US has New Hampshire, which they pronounce exactly like the Brits.

"As someone who lives in Yorkshire I assume it’s just to upset us," a fellow TikToker theorised, while another added: "I'm not American but I'm going to blame lord of the rings with the 'shire'"

"Oooh this one is intelligent," a third joked.

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This isn't the first time an American has raised a valid question about the UK. For instance, one asked why are some of the trees in the UK caged in?

In a hilarious (yet valid) video, TikTok user @swfinds asked "why all trees in the UK are locked in tiny cages?"

They pondered: "Do people steal them?"

Over 37,000 TikTokers flocked to the comments with some incredibly creative suggestions.

"To stop them wandering around," one user humoured. "I had to chase one around B&M a few weeks ago; it was a nightmare."

Another joked: "People found out money grows on them."

For those still dying to know the real reason, tree guards are used "to stop animals —from mice and rabbits to deer and horses — damaging young trees by eating the shoots and leaves or stripping the bark," according to The Tree Council,

They are also intended to enhance tree growth by offering support and helping the tree grows upwards rather than out.

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