Americans reveal what they really hate about the British way of life

Currency converters Transferwise asked Americans all the things they find weird about living in the UK.

One recounted her first moments, when she glimpsed British culture at its most traditional.

Picture: TransferWise/YouTube

We saw a man almost fall backwards on the escalator he was so drunk, and we were like 'Wow, we're in London'.

For one entertaining American, the yowling of urban foxes was her main bug-bear about Britain. She even did an impression.

Picture: TransferWise/YouTube

For others, there were some the big things. Like the keys. These are apparently too big.

Picture: TransferWise

Also the food. Under fire were Cornish pasties, marmite, and:

Picture: TransferWise/YouTube

Beans on bread, what is that? Laziness?

The 'bread' has been toasted.

Another pet peeve was that how you pronounce the name of a place has little-to-no relation to how it is spelled.

Picture: TransferWise/YouTube

Apologies in advance for Holborn, Leicester, Woolfardisworthy, Norwich, and Frome.

Picture: TransferWise/YouTube

But I do love London, I really do, even though I'm ragging on it a little bit.

For the full video, see below:

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