Andrew Tate called a 'ghost' after reacting to 'death hoax joke' by parody news network

Andrew Tate called a 'ghost' after reacting to 'death hoax joke' by parody news network
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Misogynist Andrew Tate has responded to a parody Twitter news account that claimed he had died.

The post, tweeted by the account ‘ Suspicious News’ featured a photo of Tate with the headline ‘Andrew Tate found dead in Romania after fight with James Charles.’

The tweet also had a subheading that joked ‘he was found on the floor with a full face of makeup.’ The tweet gained thousands of likes and even led to Tate himself responding.

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‘I don’t think jokes about my death are very funny. Especially with enemies like mine’ Tate replied. He added, ‘you should be careful the negativity you put into the universe, negativity sticks to anybody who spread it.’

Suspicious News responded to Tate’s comment with a new headline that read: ‘Ghost of Andrew Tate claims James Charles didn’t kill him.’

They added ‘bro missed the ‘parody’ in bio LOL.’

James Charles is a gay makeup influencer with over 23 million subscribers. Tate who has made many homophobic remarks before, was obviously upset with the joke being made.

Tate’s push back against spreading ‘negativity’ is an interesting response from someone who has based his career off of spreading hateful remarks towards minority groups.

Tate hated the joke so much that he blocked the Twitter account.

Others, however, saw the funny side of things:

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