Andrew Tate’s manager says influencer has "no respect" for Adin Ross

Andrew Tate’s manager says influencer has "no respect" for Adin Ross
Andrew Tate's friend Adin Ross reveals how kickboxer's arrest has affected him

Andrew Tate’s manager has hit out at Adin Ross, saying he has “no respect” for the streamer.

Ross has been associated with Tate since he first came to prominence last year. He was even on the visitor list while he was in custody in Romania.

Now, the unnamed manager who works for Tate and his brother Tristan has spoken about him and said that he doesn't believe Ross isn’t worthy of Tate’s time.

Speaking to internet personality Sneako on a podcast, the manager said: “Man I had no respect for the guy before.

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“Look if you’re going to have access to powerful motivators and powerful clear feedback from someone like Tate and you’re still going to choose drugs, gambling, hedonism then I really couldn’t care.”

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The manager could be referring to Ross’s past experiences with opioid addiction, which he has been vocal about with his followers in the past.

He added: “As far as I’m concerned, he’s a nothing person. As far as I’m concerned people like that don’t exist, they’re not worth my time. I don’t consume their content if you even call it that.

“Those sorts of people don’t even exist in my reality, and I would encourage young men to do the same.”

The two social media influencers exchanged some back-and-forth on social media last year before meeting up in Dubai to film a live stream together.

After Tate's arrest, Ross went on a podcast and called his friendship with Tate "genuine" and voiced support for his friend.

"People don't really understand that this all happening actually affects me because it's like, that's my friend," Ross said.

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