Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan clash in explosive interview: Here are 11 things we learned

Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan clash in explosive interview: Here are 11 things we learned
Andrew Tate doubles down on claim women are property of husbands

Andrew Tate, the former kickboxer turned controversial influencer, spoke with Piers Morgan during a heated interview about his viewpoints - a full list of which can be found here.

On Tuesday (4 October), a teaser clip of the episode with Tate was shared on social media, which showed him speaking on Morgan’s TalkTV show, Piers Morgan: Uncensored, as the host questioned him about his “scandalous views” about women.

Tate has previously stated that he finds women between the ages of 18 and 19 more attractive than women over 25 and that women are the property of their husbands.

And although Tate was banned from YouTube, Meta, and TikTok earlier this year after the platforms said he was sharing “hateful” ideologies about women and masculinity in viral clips, Morgan has opened up his platform to challenge Tate on his views.

Here are 11 things we learned from the interview.

He chose to sit down with Morgan because he is fellow provocateur

“You’ve certainly been the subject of your own divided opinions in the world," he told the host. "There are people who’d say some of the things you say are dangerous or toxic, so I thought you’d be a good person to speak to about this."

He thinks he became infamous because he promotes "standard masculine practices'"

He said: “I exploded. I didn’t do that with magic. I’ve been on the internet a very long time.”

Tate also said that "hate mobs" targeted him for promoting "standard masculine practices."

“I didn’t put a magic spell on everybody. I managed to accumulate a large amount of affinity with the male population across the Western world because I’m simply saying things that many men think and feel.”

He revealed what he thinks of Joe Rogan’s claiming that he’s a misogynist

Piers played a clip of Joe Rogan saying his 12 and 14-year-old children were intrigued by Tate but that he "f***** up with the misogynist stuff."

Tate said he understands why people believe he’s a misogynist if they’ve only seen brief clips of his output but insisted: "I don’t hate women in any regard. There’s no way I can be seen as the devil. I’m the opposite; I believe in protecting and providing."

He returned to the point he repeatedly made; that he's produced hours and hours of content that has been selectively edited to paint him in a bad light. Morgan repeatedly pointed out that there was little context that would make some of his more extreme statements OK.

He wants the death penalty for rape

When asked about comments made about the MeToo movement, where he said women should “bear some responsibility” for being raped, he attempted to play down the shocking statement.

He said: "I would take a stronger stance on rape than the British government. I’d have the death penalty."

He believes women belong to men in marriage

Morgan played a clip in which Tate said: "I think my sister is her husband's property, yes. When a man marries a woman, the dad walks the woman down man."

The host repeatedly pressed him on whether he stood by this. Tate ultimately said it could have been phrased differently but later said: "I believe the woman is given to the man. I believe she belongs to the man in marriage, correct. I understand why some people can be offended by what I say."

He hinted he may already be married

Morgan asked him: "Will you get married?"

Tate's response was mysterious: "One day, absolutely. If I’m not married already…"

When pressed, he said: "I could be married, correct."

Piers asked him why he'd hide something like that, prompting him to say: "Why would I advertise to the feral psychopaths of the world who have tried their very best to destroy me for an opinion about my private life and the thing most sacred to me?

"I’m a hard target, and I protect the people I care about."

He doesn't believe depression is real

When asked about depression, he said: "I believe that feeling depressed is real. I don't believe that depression as a clinical disease is real."

He added that some friends have PTSD, so he believes in that. But he pivoted back to an unproven claim that for everyone, the number one way to beat depression is “trying to take control of your own mind and your life."

Piers pushed back, saying that while he believes many people "moan and whine too much about their lot in life," actual clinically diagnosed depression is real.

He would go on a podcast with Vladimir Putin

Morgan pressed him about his appearance on Alex Jones' podcast, and whether he still respects him, given his lies about the Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy.

Tate said yes: "I think he’s a sovereign individual, like the rabid left, he deserves to speak. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle."

This infuriated Piers, who asked where his line was and questioned whether he'd go on a podcast with the Russian president - who's currently invading Ukraine.

Tate said yes.

He strongly believes men should aspire to be like him

Morgan asked him this question, provoking an impassioned reply: "Should young men aspire to work very hard, have no criminal record, become multi-millionaires, protect and provide for the women close to them, be sovereign so they can stand up and have their own points of view in face of cancelation, be able to not be intimidated when they go on national TV, and there are traps set up for them - yeah I believe that confident strong men who protect and stand up for women are a good force for the world."

He thinks Drill music and Lil Nas X are more dangerous than anything he's said

He referenced the music video in which Lil Nas X "twerked on the devil" and spoke on Drill artists who sing about "stabbing people to death in a knife-crime epidemic."

He insisted that that kind of media content was far more harmful than anything he's put out.

He and Piers share some similar views

Despite how heated things got, Morgan repeatedly said that he agrees with some of Andrew Tate's views, and was merely challenging the remaining ones with which he disagrees.

At multiple times during the interview, Morgan said he should not have been banned from social media, and that many of their views aligned.

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