Apparently 'man periods' are a thing that 'one quarter' of British men claim to experience every month

Apparently, apparently, a quarter of British men believe they experience a "man period" once a month.

That's right, one in four men claim they are having "man periods" - just man-struating everywhere and presumably looking forward with apprehension to their man-opause in the years ahead.

According to a survey by..., one in four men reported that they suffered from "tiredness, cramps and increased sensitivity" - symptoms similar to those women experience before their period - on a monthly basis.

Men who reported suffering from these symptoms also spent an average of £81.53 more on comfort food per month than men who did not report having "man periods".

According to the Telegraph, the "man period" is formally known as "irritable male syndrome" - which even has its own Wikipedia page and a book written by a man called Jed Diamond.

While he claims that "men have a number of hormonal cycles and these affect their level of energy, anger, sex drive and irritability", medical professionals are unconvinced.

Dr Gregory Jantz, quoted by the Telegraph, says:

With women, it's a fact of life that has to be dealt with...

Irritable male syndrome may be the most recent sticker slapped over the old mid-life crisis label but as far as I can tell, the idea has been around for a few years and it hasn't gained much real traction amongst men.

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