Best April Fools Day 2023 pranks: From Harry and Meghan video game to Matt Hancock cheddar

Best April Fools Day 2023 pranks: From Harry and Meghan video game to Matt Hancock cheddar
What's the Origin of April Fools' Day?

It's that one day of the year again when you can truly call out fake news and question everything you see in the media. That's right its April Fools Day and the pranks are already coming in thick and fast.

The centuries-old tradition involves people playing innocent and sometimes elaborate pranks on others but only until midday otherwise the prankster themselves risks looking like the fool or that's at least that's what folklore says.

Although it was common for friends and family to fool each other on April 1st, in more recent times, the date has seen big brands and the media pull off very well-executed jokes to make people think that some of their favourite products are either being discontinued or changed for good.

Last year, we saw Walkers crisps introduce massive versions of their famous snacks and Good Morning Britain concern everyone with a prank involving a plant.

Here are some of the highlights of April Fools Day 2023 so far:

Harry and Meghan: Call of Duke-y

The Sun have gone all-in on their prank this year which is a report on a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle video game in the style of Grand Theft Auto. The 'game' called 'Harry and Meghan: Call of Duke-y' has been mocked up with realistic looking video game graphics and is apparently due for a release in May - just a week before the King's coronation.

A quote from the game's developers Fair Loop states: "Prince Harry has spoken of his love of gaming so we approached him with the idea and he loved it.It seemed the logical progression after the success of his book and Netflix series.

“It’s all tongue-in-cheek and there are some brilliant secret levels, in­cluding one where the player finds themself in the Duke of York’s bed­room, confronted by a raging Prince Andrew bouncing on his bed, hurling teddy bears. In another scene, the couple fill a hot-air balloon by mouth so they can flee in it.”

Matt Hancock's cheddar

He's a politician known for his cheesy stunts and public appearances but Matt Hancock has now gone one-step further and actually introduced his own brand of cheese. The product called 'Matt Hancock's Cheddar: Cheese for the people" has been created by a London ad agency with a statement reading: "Mature, tangy and quintessentially British, Hancock’s eponymous dairy brand looks set to capitalise on the MP’s jungle notoriety, although whether the UK consumer is ready for Matt Hancock in their fridge remains to be seen."

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has introduced a new spin on the iconic platformer: a point and click game called 'The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog.' Judging by the trailer, this actually looks pretty good.

Big McNugget Boot

McDonald's joined in on the fun with an appeal to fashionistas: The Big McNugget Boot which will retail on their app from Monday. We're all up for a joke but 'Nugg Boots' was literally right there.

Dulux retires their old English sheepdog

Paint brand Dulux, well known for their iconic English sheepdog mascot have decided to ditch their four-legged friend in favour of another pooch: a King Charles Spaniel, fittingly tied to the forthcoming coronation. Karen Wilkinson, Marketing Director at Dulux, says: “We understand this might cause an upset amongst devoted fans of our beautiful sheepdog.

"However we think it's high time she put her paws up for a little TLC – and what better time to take a step back than April Fool’s Day…?!”


Ant and Dec to star in next Bond movie

Can always rely on Ant and Dec to show up on April Fools Day and this year they are claiming to be in talks to star in the next James Bond movie. In a press release, the duo said: "Ant and Dec have confirmed they are in talks* to join the cast of the next installment in the James Bond franchise. While the titular character's casting remains unconfirmed, the dapper Geordie duo are in negotiations* to join the cast as two new characters. Q will now have two sidekicks, A and D." We honestly don't mind the sound of this.

Emirates takes to the seas

Having conquered the skies, luxury airline Emirates now has its sights set on the seven seas with their own brand of ultra-lux cruise liners. Captain Jack Shallow, the newly appointed Chief Maritime Officer at the helm of Emirates Sealine said: “Emirates is no stranger to the seas, having been associated with powerboat racing in Dubai to Emirates Team New Zealand and more recently, the Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team. While cities worldwide remain moored to challenges, Dubai is sailing smoothly at unimaginable knots and has outstanding cruise and other multi-modal transport infrastructure."

Cabbage juice

We're all up for health food fads but Eager's cabbage juice might be a step too far. Ed Rigg, Founder of EAGER drinks commented: "Your wish is our command and we're thrilled to unveil our freshest flavour yet. We know you've all been asking for it and eagerly anticipating the launch. We can't think why this has never been done before..."

Tango expands into pet care with Tang Treats

Humans have enjoyed the fizzy fun of Tango for decades so why should animals be left out? Tango Brand Manager, Victoria Burridge explains: “There are more dog owners in the UK than ever in recent memory, and they have become such a big part of owners’ lives – with more than four in ten saying they love their dogs more than their partners!

“We don’t think there’s a better way for owners to express their love for their dogs than with our Tang-Treats, which provides pups with the tasty flavours of Tango they’ve been deprived of for too long. Finally, humans and hounds can now enjoy the great taste of Tango together – bone-appetite!"


Malibu joins forces with IRN-BRU to create ‘MALI-BRU’

Bru good to be true? Most definitely but this one sounds kinda fun. Leanne Banks, Marketing Director at Pernod Ricard UK, commented: “Malibu has always been unashamedly proud to ‘Do Whatever Tastes Good’ and this phenomenal collaboration is no exception. We’ve had a lot of fun bringing these two iconic and much-loved brands together – sweet and smooth coconut perfectly blended with the steely fizz of IRN-BRU, the new Mali-BRU RTD tastes like it was always meant to be!”


Swedish Schnapps Brand Flävar Launches Flavoured Vodka Lickable Wallpaper

This sounds like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but for over 18s. Vodka-based schnapps brand Flävar, known for their indulgent spirit drinks have launched a range of lickable flavoured vodka wallpaper designs. "Our labels were inspired by retro Scandinavian wallpaper so we thought, why not experiment a little and see if we can rethink the schnapps 'drinking' experience" explains Brand Director Matt Bandy.


Eiffel Tower turned into the world's biggest slide

You might feel a bit sick after this one but it would be one hell of a ride.

Heart-shaped Walker's Crisps

We've definitely had (unintentional) heart-shaped crisps in the past but this would be a revelation.

Backpacking to the moon?

Travel company WeRoad have announced plans to take tourists to the Moon and back. The company's UK marketing manager Justyna Chlopecka said: "As a travel company that is always looking for the next adventure, we couldn't be more thrilled to be the first-ever group travel brand to launch a trip to the Moon. It's an exciting time for space travel and we're honoured to be a part of it.

"And who knows what the future holds? As technology continues to advance, we hope to one-day offer trips to even further planets. The sky - or rather, the universe - is the limit!

"Who knew group travel could be so otherworldly? Join us on this stellar expedition!"


World's first-ever E-unicycle launched

"Netflix of Bikes" Swapfiets has launched the first-ever subscription E-unicycle "Solo Power 1", giving commuters a hands free commute so they can sip their coffee on the go.


Goth Candy Crush

Now this is something that we can fully get behind.

More to follow...

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