Man casually carries on eating chicken wings despite being robbed at gun point

Incredible CCTV footage has emerged of an armed robbery at a chicken shop, where one of the victims seemed completely unfazed at having a gun pointed in his face.

In a scene similar to something from Pulp Fiction, an armed robber bursts into the restaurant where several people are already seated and eating their food.

The robber, who is carrying a small pistol and wearing a crash helmet, makes a beeline to a couple seated closest to the CCTV camera. Others nearby immediately notice what is happening and appear to be quite concerned except for one man.

While there is an obvious worry that things could get drastically worse, the man wearing a Fila sweatshirt casually carries on eating his chicken wings – all while the gun is being pointed at him.

After a few moments, he casually hands over his phone to the robber who also takes a few more items from the restaurant and the other customers before leaving. All the while out cool customer acts as if nothing has happened.

The footage has been shared widely on social media and has also appeared on YouTube.

It has not yet been determined where this incident took place but, judging by the date and spelling on the CCTV camera, it could possibly be in a Spanish speaking country.

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