Baby alpaca settling into life at safari park

Baby alpaca settling into life at safari park
Sir Steveo was born earlier this month (Andrew Milligan/PA)
PA Wire/PA Images - Andrew Milligan

A baby alpaca has been exploring his new surroundings at a safari park after his birth earlier this month.

Sir Steveo, named in honour of one of the keepers at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling, was born to mother Phantom on June 5.

Baby alpaca at Blair Drummond Safari ParkNewborn alpaca Sir Steveo with his mother Phantom (Andrew Milligan/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Andrew Milligan

Phantom is doing well after an 11-month pregnancy and Sir Steveo was up and walking about just hours after he was born.

He was named after Steven Campbell, one the park’s keepers.

Mr Campbell said: “We are so excited to welcome wee Steveo to the Pets Farm gang. He’s unbelievably cute and although he’s still sticking close to mum, he is getting more confident every day.

Baby alpacaKeeper Steven Campbell watches newborn alpaca Sir Steveo, who has been named after him (Andrew Milligan/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Andrew Milligan

“I’m so touched that the team agreed to name him after me. I had initially made the suggestion as a bit of a joke, but over the course of the week, it just seemed to gain more and more traction.

“It’s an honour to be able to help care for my little namesake.”

Keepers said alpacas are gentle, mild-mannered animals which enjoy the companionship of their herd.

Baby alpacaSir Steveo was born at the park on June 5 (Andrew Milligan/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Andrew Milligan

Alpacas will often hum to each other as a form of communication, and it is common to hear both mother and baby hum repeatedly in the early days after birth.

They also touch noses frequently as part of their bonding process.

Sir Steveo can now be seen in the Pets Farm area of the park, alongside the rest of his alpaca herd.

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