IKEA had the perfect response to Balenciaga selling a towel skirt for $925

IKEA had the perfect response to Balenciaga selling a towel skirt for $925
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IKEA had the most hilarious response to the luxury designer brand Balenciaga selling a towel skirt for $925.

Spanish brand Balenciaga turned heads recently when it revealed a new product release, which is essentially a wrapped-around bath towel, for almost $1000 (£695).

On the Balenciaga website, the model wore the towel skirt over the top of some beige cargo trousers and wore a black hoodie and a pair of black sunglasses.

The beige terry cotton “skirt” features aspects such as an adjustable belt on the inside, buttons at the waistline and the Balenciaga logo embroidered on the front. But, despite being marketed as clothing, it is essentially an overpriced bath towel.

Responding in the most hilarious way possible, IKEA revealed its very own “dupe” using one of its own VINARN towels to recreate the look for £16 (approximately $17).

In a post shared on the company’s UK Instagram, they wrote: “Introducing the new VINARN Towel Skirt. A 2024 Spring fashion essential.”

The model wore similar clothing and held the same pose as the Balenciaga model, except the beige towel “skirt” he wore cost several hundred pounds less.

Almost 4,000 people have liked the post from the famous Swedish homeware company and many commended them for their expert trolling.

“Serving BALENCIKEA,” one tickled Instagram user wrote.

Another called it “Genius” adding, “Well played IKEA”.

Someone else commented: “Take that Balenciaga!”

It’s not the first time the two giant brands have gone head-to-head. In 2017, IKEA responded equally brilliantly to Balenciaga’s £1,670 blue bag, which closely resembled their iconic shopping tote bag.

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