The Bank of England want a scientist on the new £50 note, not Harry Maguire

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The search for the face of the new £50 pound note is almost over but the result isn't what people were hoping for.

On Friday the Bank of England announced that a British scientist will adorn the new note but the public will decide which scientist will receive this honour.

Over the next six weeks, people can offer suggestions for who should be on the note on the bank's website but elsewhere people are disappointed about this decision.

A viral campaign started by Twitter prankster Johnny Sharples to get Leicester City and England footballer Harry Maguire, riding an inflatable unicorn on the note had gathered thousands of signatures thanks to an online petition.

The news that the petition had been rejected wasn't greeted with elation, especially from Sharples and those that had backed the campaign.

With this disappointment beginning to settle in people then started to suggest scientists who they thought would be appropriate and there were plenty of jokes.

There were some serious suggestions with Stephen Hawking being a clear favourite, at the time of writing.

Jacob Rees-Mogg did suggest that Margaret Thatcher's background in chemistry should make her eligible, prompting a hilarious response.

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