Barefoot woman sets up 'hammock' on plane and people say they'd pay to avoid her

Why Aren’t Planes Getting Faster?

For frequent solo flyers, the anticipation of finding out who you'll be sitting next to for the duration of your flight can be stressful.

After all, having to sit next to a total stranger for the next few hours is already somewhat unpleasant, but if they're messy, loud, or get up frequently to use that bathroom—things can go south pretty quickly.

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One TikTok user took to the platform to show the way she gets comfortable on flights,'s a lot.

"Come prepared when you travel on long flights. Makes a difference!" TikToker @wendygonewild captioned her post.

In her video, Wendy can be seen preparing a sort of hammock creation where she is barefoot and uses a pillow to lean her head on the built-in tray.


Come prepared when you travel on long flights. Makes a difference! #LinkBudsNeverOff #OREOBdayStack #WendyKarina075 #foryoupage❤️❤️ #flights #plane

Commenters were not happy to see the video or the suggestion that this is acceptable behaviour.

"I would pay extra not to be next to her," one person commented, to which the creator of the video responded, "You got money like that… buy your own airplane then! 😂"

For the most part, people took issue with the fact that the woman was barefoot.

"Sorry…the bare feet really makes my blood boil. There’s zero reason why you couldn’t have put slippers or fluffy socks on. No one wants to see that," one annoyed user wrote.

"People who take their shoes off on planes 😬" another comment read.

"This is a great example of how to selfish and not thinking of others around you," another person added.

Still, the TikToker was unconvinced she did anything wrong and made sure to let people in the comments know she had zero regrets about the way she travels.

"Most of these people hating never been on a plane. 😂 I prefer sandles easier at security check in," she wrote to one person.

"They’re hating cause they never even traveled before to understand how useful this is. Barefoot and all! 😅 They can all kiss a*s incl my feet! 👣😅🤣," she said to another.

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