People have noticed something very strange about these TV adverts

The BBC shared a video on Friday that appears to show similarities between an advert for its flagship breakfast show and one for an Australian broadcaster’s breakfast programme.

The Australian promo, which aired on national network Channel Nine earlier this month promoting its Today Show, features lines and scenes noticeably similar to the BBC’s 2016 promo for Breakfast.

Both videos begin with people preparing for their day while watching the breakfast show, the women are at home in the kitchen while the men are on their way to or at work. In both clips the TV hosts greet each other before saying good morning to the women through the television screen.

Following that, almost word for word, the presenters warn fictional teenager ‘Jack’ that his "toast is burning."

The BBC said on its website:

Channel 9's promo for its Today show was copied, at moments, word for word from the BBC's promotional advert.

Channel Nine told the BBC, according to The Radio Times:

...the promo, one of several campaigns to promote Today, ran for a short period over our summer break. It has not appeared on air for more than two weeks.

It could all, of course, be a coincidence - take a look at both promos below:

Channel Nine.

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