Couple’s romantic beach proposal almost ruined by intrusive ‘Karen’

<p>The so-called Karen stormed over to criticise the romantic set up</p>

The so-called Karen stormed over to criticise the romantic set up


A once-in-a-lifetime moment was almost ruined after a woman stormed a beach proposal to complain about its set-up.

Part of the tense encounter was shared on TikTok by user Mevilde Ahmeti, who was at the site helping her friend – the groom-to-be – put together the romantic scene in Ottawa, Canada.

Ahmeti captioned the clip: “When a Karen tries to ruin your friend’s proposal.”

In it, the elaborate seaside stage can be seen, complete with rose petals, candles, picnic supplies and big letters spelling out: “Marry me.”

But on the outskirts of the display a woman appears who is clearly in the midst of a heated discussion with Ahmeti.

Our narrator can be heard telling her: “I’m not going to have that conversation right now but thank you for your concern.”

As the “Karen” responds with an inaudible comment, she then adds more forcefully: “Ma’am, we are not going to stop this event for this conversation, so please walk away.”

The video racked up more than 6.2 million views in just 24 hours, as fellow TikTokers hit out at the intrusion and demanded more information on the circumstances surrounding the encounter.

“Why would you interrupt a proposal?!!!! OH HELL NO,” wrote one.

“She’s just mad her husband didn’t propose to her like that,” commented another.

The scene was littered with fresh rose petals and candlesmevildeahmeti/TikTok

However, scores of other users suggested they “understood” why the stranger had been so bothered.

“I would be upset too if you made that mess on a beach,” one critic said.

“You’re in the wrong. It’s turtle season and you’re in the dunes!!! Wrong on all levels,” another added.

Indeed, a number of commentators suspected that the scene had been erected in a protected part of the beach which could harm turtle eggs laid beneath the sand.

Meanwhile, others observed that such an area would likely be roped off, or there would at least be warning signs present.

Eventually, Ahmeti addressed their speculation in a “storytime” explainer.

In it, she said: “Since we have been getting a lot of negative comments, we decided to visit the park today to prove that it wasn’t a private property and isn’t considered a place with dunes.

“A lot of you have been asking about what happened prior to the proposal. To give you a background [sic], we hired a professional event planner who knows the regulations surrounding the parks. She was also responsible to set up and clean up [sic] the proposal grounds.

“This was a public beach and we confirmed a day prior that no sign or fencing was up that restricted us from setting up this event.

“The only sign present was a Covid-19 sign which clearly states that the city of Ottawa has been at this Park recently, so if it were considered a protected area there would be signs specifically for dunes.”

The group returned to the site to clear up any uncertainty surrounding the legality of their big eventmevildeahmeti/TikTok

Moving on to the Karen’s real complaint, she continued: “Our roses were 100 per cent real and collected right after the proposal video was shot.

“This individual was walking around the beach and was shouting at us since she was under the impression that the roses were fake and that we were going to leave the mess.

“After my friend was calmly explaining our plans, she would not listen and kept trying to interrupt the event.

“After realising that they were, in fact, real she went away and let us proceed.

“In conclusion, we respect and abide by the city’s environmental safety and would never disrupt that in any way.”

She ended her monologue: “Everyone has an opinion but let’s all try to calm down and understand each other, and show some love.”

Luckily, the story had a fairytale endingmevildeahmeti/TikTok

The good news is that the encounter clearly didn’t spoil the moment. Ahmeti’s friend and his girlfriend looked blissfully happy in the rest of the proposal footage.

And so thankfully, despite the preceding glitches, she said yes.

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