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One bear has just put all chocoaholics to shame after going to extreme lengths to get his paws on some brownies.

The bear climbed onto a porch and slammed on the glass door of an elderly woman baking brownies.

One neighbour, who called 911 to report the incident, said it looked like the bear was angry about not being able to get to the food, WFSB reports. He told WFSB:

It was a rather harrowing experience although it looks cute in the photos

And it's true:

The bear managed to open the screen door, but thankfully, not the glass slider into the Connecticut home. Although, he persistently attempted to open two other doors to the property.

And this, folks, is one upside to being a bad baker. Your food might not be edible, but at least it won't attract predatory animals to your door.

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