Unbelievable footage sees bear making itself at home in a hot tub

<p>A bear climbing into a jacuzzi</p>

A bear climbing into a jacuzzi


If you have a hot tub, you know all about the benefits, such as a relaxing soak after a hard workday, just like the TikTok user @truckerbabe6.0. Until recently, they had no idea it acted as a honey trap for bears.

This has since been proved to be the case in a video showing a wild black bear taking the top off and climbing into his jacuzzi. The footage is met with disbelief from both the camera operator and the internet after being shared by journalist Yasher Ali from a TikTok account.

The pair were reportedly holidaying in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

“They can be mean, he just knocked the top of my jacuzzi over,” a man’s voice is heard saying, while a female voice replies about the previous behaviour of the bear, who clearly has been on their patio for a while.

It even appears that the bear somehow managed to turn the hot tub on.

“And now it just got into my jacuzzi” he announces, as the bear heaves himself into the steaming water.

“It’s just having a blast,” The pair discuss their disbelief at the bear relaxing in their hot tub, “I’m glad I wasn’t in the jacuzzi.”

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“Unbelievable” they exclaim as the bear seems to really lean into the experience of it all.

“There’s a wild black bear in the jacuzzi, getting warm!”

The two onlookers were not the only ones expressing their amazement at the video.

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