Fans laugh at reported Beatles biopic casting

Fans laugh at reported Beatles biopic casting
The original 1970 Beatles movie 'Let It Be' comes to Disney+

Fans are laughing in disbelief after the supposed cast of a new Beatles biopic were announced yesterday.

Sam Mendes' biopic of the band, or should we say biopics, with each Beatles member having a film each, is set to release in 2027.

The project was announced back in February, and each film will be told from the perspective of a different band member. The films are the first time time Apple Corps. Ltd., The Beatles, and their families, have granted full life story and music rights for a scripted film.

In a statement the band said: "The dating cadence of the films, the details of which will be shared closer to release, will be innovative and groundbreaking."

Now The InSneider, a newsletter that reports Hollywood scoops, has reported that we have our Beatles, and fans are shocked, to put it mildly.

Normal People star Paul Mescal is Paul McCartney, Saltburn'sBarry Keoghan is Ringo Starr, The Iron Claw actor Harris Dickinson will be John Lennon, and Charlie Rowe is George Harrison.

But fans have said they wanted more unknown actors to play the role, whilst others joked the cast seems as though it was up to Twitter users.

One user said the films "could have been a great opportunity to cast four young, working class British actors but alas we are stuck in the twitter school of casting."

"Nothing against any of these actors they're all talented but why does Hollywood refuse to cast unknown up-and-coming actors for these types of biopics," a fan asked.

Another user, who had previously joked that if the casting "was up to Twitter" Mescal and Dickinson would be in the film, 'apologised' for speaking it into existence.

Another user said, "not a single Beatles movie can get the casting right."

One joked, "based on this source I imagine Sydney Sweeney is playing Yoko as well?"

But amongst the criticism, it was pointed out that people shouldn't judge the casting based on the actor's appearances and still go and see the films when they come out. "Stop focusing on how they don't look exactly like the Beatles. It's all about how they bring them to life," they wrote.

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