Why you need to stop using the Bella Hadid TikTok sound immediately

Why you need to stop using the Bella Hadid TikTok sound immediately
NEWS OF THE WEEK: Bella Hadid reflects on battle with eating disorder

People often want to jump on the bandwagon of using trending sounds on TikTok to get views but one popular sound involving Bella Hadid's voice has become problematic.

"So, my name... My name is Bella Hadid," the 26-year-old model's voice says over instrumental music in the sound with over 13 million views.

While some of the videos using the popular sound show people emulating Hadid's hairstyle, fashion sense, or makeup style, many more are promoting unhealthy eating habits and body image standards.

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Using the viral sound, people are bragging about undereating or partaking in unhealthy habits to copy Hadid's body type. The harmful videos normalize eating disorders and romanticize people's struggles.

Both eating disorder survivors and those currently coping with them have called the trend 'triggering', and asked others to not make more videos using the sound.


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Hadid has a massive influence over Gen Z as her personality and style has resonated with younger people. The 26-year-old often shares snippets of her life, recipes, and outfits with her six million TikTok followers.

But Hadid has also been open about her own struggles with an eating disorder and mental health issues.

She reminds people that despite her lavish life, she too deals with anxiety and depression and still works every day to overcome her body dysmorphia.

“I can barely look in the mirror to this day because of that period in my life,” Hadid told Vogue.

Despite her sharing her journey and trying to promote a positive relationship with food, it seems the people of TikTok have turned her voice into a harmful trend.

However, if fewer people use the sound then the trend will fade.

For anyone struggling with the issues raised in this piece, eating disorder charity Beat’s helpline is available 365 days a year at 0808 801 0677. You can visit their website here.

NCFED offers information, resources, and counselling for those suffering from eating disorders, as well as their support networks. They can be reached by phone at 845 838 2040 or their website here.

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