Ben Shapiro tried to roast Joe Biden on his birthday and it completely backfired

Ben Shapiro tried to roast Joe Biden on his birthday and it completely backfired
Ben Shapiro sets fire to Barbie and Ken dolls in movie review
Ben Shapiro

Right-wing political commentator Ben Shapiro tried to roast Joe Biden but it immediately backfired on him.

Shapiro is no stranger to controversy or voicing his opinion, regardless of how unhinged it might seem. Earlier this year, the conservative commentator made not one but three videos about how much he disliked the 2023 hit Barbie movie.

Now, it is President Joe Biden that Shapiro has set his sights on after trying to roast him about his age after celebrating his 81st birthday.

In a post on his Instagram, Biden shared a picture of himself celebrating turning 81 and instantly made it a joke, subtly mocking every one of his haters who like to criticise him because of his age. In the picture, he sat at a table where a cake with 81 lit candles sat in front of him.

The photo was captioned: “Thanks for the birthday well-wishes today, everyone. Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!”

Shapiro reacted to the picture in a post on X/Twitter, claiming it is “one of the worst campaign blunders” he has witnessed.

Shapiro wrote: “This is legitimately one of the worst campaign blunders I have ever seen. Everything about it is idiotic.

“He’s gripping the table as though he’s about to keel over. He's got the rictus smile, illuminated by fire. This cake looks like somebody set the world on fire. Which he did.”

In the replies, Shapiro’s post got absolutely ridiculed for being nonsense and for demonstrating how he seems to get riled up over nothing.

One person commented: “Ben is a fascinating case study in how you can pretend so hard to be upset about stupid things that you actually start believing it.”

“A picture 99% of the electorate will never even see is one of the worst campaign blunders you’ve ever seen? Ben is a complete moron,” another argued.

Someone else asked: “Has Ben lost his mind and he really sees these things or is he just trying to convince you to see what’s not there?”

Another argued, “I’d rather have 81 candles on my cake than 91 criminal charges hanging over my head!”, referencing the former Republican president Donald Trump who faces a number of criminal charges against him.

Someone else added: “Even if any of what this imbecile says is true it will impact exactly zero votes. A real political genius this ‘Ben Shapiro’.”

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