Ben Shapiro hated Barbie so much he's made two more videos about it

Ben Shapiro hated Barbie so much he's made two more videos about it
Ben Shapiro sets fire to Barbie and Ken dolls in movie review

By now you are probably aware that the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has been a massive success at the box office, smashing all kinds of records and reducing men to nervous wrecks.

Yes, the inevitable has happened where a pro-female movie has angered so many men that they just have to tell everyone about how much a movie about a doll upset them.

We've had the likes of Piers Morgan and plenty of men on IMDB but one man who has made it his personal mission to tell the world how much he hated Barbie is Ben Shapiro.

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The outspoken conservative commentator first spoke out against Greta Gerwig's widely acclaimed film on Saturday in a 43-minute rant on YouTube where he called the film a "s**tshow" and one of the "worst movies ever." He also burned a Barbie and Ken doll.

The 39-year-old, who mostly objected to the "smug" message of the film was promptly roasted for his scorching hot take and as a result felt compelled to make another video about how badly he was treated because of his views.

In the second view shared on Tuesday, titled "Barbie Is Garbage, But You’re Not Allowed To Say So," Shapiro spent 20 minutes of a 1-hour video talking about the reaction to his reaction to the movie.

Barbie Is Garbage, But You’re Not Allowed To Say

At one point Shapiro said the reaction to him burning the Barbie dolls was similar to the reaction of someone burning a copy of the Quran in Sweden.

Elsewhere he attacked Gerwig for promoting a new religious worldview and for the movie for pushing "left-wing propaganda." These are all valid points if you subscribe to Shapiro's politics but he wasn't done there.

In a third video, Shapiro collaborated with a regular contributor of his and fellow conservative commentator Brett Cooper, who did enjoy the movie.

This debate is for 30 minutes and if you enjoy this sort of format for a video then they both make valid point depending on how much you enjoyed the movie.

Ben Shapiro and Brett Cooper Debate Barbie for 30

At this point, Shapiro has spoken about Barbie for 93 minutes on YouTube and presumably longer elsewhere in edits that didn't make the cut. If he makes another 30 minute video on the film he'll have spoken about it longer than the actual length of Barbie, which is quite an achievement.

That being said his original view of Barbie has been viewed more than 1.7 million times so something is clearly working for him.

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