Resurfaced Ben Shapiro video accidentally makes Joe Biden look awesome

Resurfaced Ben Shapiro video accidentally makes Joe Biden look awesome

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Ben Shapiro/YouTube

Sometimes Republicans try so hard to own the liberals and the Democrats that they end up embarrassing themselves instead, and on Friday, an image resurfaced from a time when political commentator Ben Shapiro tried to criticise US president Joe Biden by actually making him look cool.

No, we don’t understand it either.

Back in April last year, Mr Shapiro released a YouTube video titled “Why Biden is GOING FOR BROKE”, complete with a rant about Mr Biden’s economic policies delivered in his fast-paced, borderline unintelligible style of speaking.

Beginning the video, the media host said: “Since [Biden’s] election, he’s proposed a $4 trillion budget; $2 trillion on a blowout of public spending that we didn’t need; $2 trillion on infrastructure spending that has nothing to do with infrastructure; and now $2 trillion to expand education and safety net programmes.

“By my account, this is about $10 trillion that he’s proposed in spending, in his first three months on the job.

“That’s nuts.”

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Perhaps, but it was his choice of thumbnail which Twitter users thought was more bizarre, as it showed an edited picture of Mr Biden outside the White House, with sunglasses on, spraying dollar bills out of a machine gun.

Sounds cool, right? That’s because it is.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the image was ridiculed by social media users:

Others compared the graphic to the video game character Duke Nukem:

It also left some to ask a very important question:

And naturally, whenever Ben Shapiro makes himself look silly, we have to remind people of the classic video from 2019 when YouTuber HBomberGuy decimated the commentator’s arguments on climate change.

Clearly, Mr Shapiro is the gift which keeps on giving, but perhaps not in the way he wants to…

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