Ben Shapiro's historic comments about climate change have gone viral again because of how idiotic they are

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One of the best and worst things about the internet is, when someone says something stupid, it follows them forever.

Right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro – who you might remember was recently schooled by the BBC’s Andrew Neil live on air – has found this out the hard way.

A ludicrous clip has re-emerged of Shapiro arguing that climate change won’t be such a big deal “if the sea level rises five or ten metres” because people will just “sell their homes and move”.

Yes, really. This is where we’re at.

Hilariously, comedian @Hbomberguy mashed together a hilarious video, which mocked Shapiro’s strange argument.

The clip ends with him recreating a scene from The Shining, screaming:

Just one small problem. Sell their houses to who, Ben?

F****** Aquaman?!

The clip has re-appeared on Twitter this week, proving that even someone like Shapiro – who once said he wouldn’t kill a baby Adolph Hitler while giving an anti-abortion speech – can still shock us with their extreme comments.

Twitter resoundingly mocked the clip. It’s fair to say sympathy was in short supply.

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