Bernie Sanders was filmed dancing to Abba and he’s much better than Theresa May

Adam Kelsey/Twitter

If you are looking for another reason to back Bernie Sanders, it turns out he’s a pretty good dancer.

The 78-year-old senator has repeatedly faced questions about his physical health during his 2020 presidential campaign but judging by these videos, he seems to be in decent shape.

Sanders was filmed dancing the night away at a “Labor Solidarity” dinner in New Hampshire on Saturday after a speech on his plan to take on Trump in 2020.

The Democratic presidential challenger started tentatively.

But he quickly warmed up and owned the floor…

Seriously, this guy is unstoppable.

Your favourite Democratic candidate cannot compete…

The ladies are literally lining up to have a dance with Bernie!

According to a 2016 Rolling Stone piece, Sanders’ favourite music includes Beethoven, Motown and Abba – which explains his excitement for ‘Dancing Queen’.

At the very least, we can say he has a lot more rhythm than the UK’s former prime minister Theresa May…

Bernie Sanders - he's the strongest on healthcare AND the strongest on the dancefloor.

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