The best and worst countries to raise a child in 2020, mapped
indy100 via MapChart

Raising a child can be a difficult experience anywhere, but a new ranking suggests that, on average, it is easier in some places than others.

The best (and worst) countries in the world to raise a child have been revealed by the US News Report – and the neither the UK or the United States feature in the top 10. The report evaluated 73 nations across 65 different categories. It surveyed more than 20,000 people in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Of course experiences of raising a child can vary immensely anywhere, but the report acts as a rough guide.

At the top of the rankings, Denmark was hailed as the best country to start a family, while Sweden and Norway placed second and third respectively. Canada and the Netherlands rounded out the top five, followed by Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and Austria.

1 Denmark

2 Sweden

3 Norway

4 Canada

5 Netherlands

6 Finland

7 Switzerland

8 New Zealand

9 Australia

10 Austria

indy100 via MapChart

The ten worst countries in the world to raise a child starts off with Ghana. Tunisia, Jordan and Oman were also ranked poorly, with Kazakhstan and Lebanon being ranked as the most difficult countries to raise a child in 2020.

10 Ghana

9 Tunisia

8 Azerbaijan

7 Saudi Arabia

6 Jordan

5 Oman

4 Myanmar

3 Guatemala

2 Lebanon

1 Kazakhstan

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