Every US state ranked from best to worst - according to Americans

Kauai, Hawaii, USA summer vibes
Kauai, Hawaii, USA summer vibes
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US states have numerous rankings, from the safest places to live to the best places to visit for vacation. Many of these data sources are created by fellow journalists, economists, and other companies that deal with travel.

Now YouGov may have asked the question that’ll start fights all over America - by asking Americans which states are the best and worst.

It surveyed people by asking them to choose which state was better than the two states they presented. The states ended up being rated on a “win percentage,” meaning how often the state won a head-to-head matchup when one of the two states was shown.

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The most popular states

Hawaii took the number one spot (69 per cent) as the top US state. Not a surprise with its abundance of warm weather and lovely beaches.

Virginia took the third spot (64 per cent) due to its coastline beaches and American history (it was the first English settlement in North America).

However, it was interesting that New York was ranked in the eighth spot (59 per cent) despite the various and delicious types of food, Broadway shows, and multicultural elements.

The 10 popular states

  • Hawaii
  •  Colorado
  •  Virginia
  •  Nevada
  •  North Carolina
  •  Florida
  •  Arizona
  •  New York
  •   Georgia
  •   Texas 

The least popular states

Alabama was ranked at 50 on the list (38 per cent) and Mississippi, ranked at number 49 (38 per cent). Both states on the chart have also reportedly ranked lower in other assessments regarding income and health care access to people in those communities. Many of the other states that are ranked last happened to be in the South or Midwest.

Additionally, New Jersey, which is a northern state, happens to be towards the bottom as well. As number 48 on the list ( 39 percent), despite there not being an apparent reason for the choices, New Jersey tends to be talked about jokingly. For example, a South Park episode poked fun at Snooki from MTV’S Jersey Shore and Kyle’s mom, who happened to be from Jersey.

Washington DC came in last as number 51 (35 per cent). Americans could have reservations about the political divisiveness there, or they could just have been thrown by it in a survey that focused on states. Despite some calls for it to become one, it remains a city.

The 10 least popular states

  •  Kentucky
  •  Missouri
  •  South Dakota
  •  Indiana
  •  Iowa
  •  Arkansas
  •  New Jersey
  •  Mississippi
  •  Alabama
  •  District of Columbia 

Check out to see where the rest of the states ranked below.

US states ranked, according to Americans

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