That viral ‘Bigfoot’ footage has been carefully analysed by experts – here’s what they concluded

That viral ‘Bigfoot’ footage has been carefully analysed by experts – here’s what they concluded

Remember that viral video claiming to show Bigfoot carrying a baby across a river in the US?

Well, experts have now weighed in on the excitement by analysing whether the theory is true.

The four-second clip was originally captured by a kayaker as he drifted along the Cass River in Michigan and was later shared on YouTube and across social media.

It apparently shows a huge human-like creature covered in thick brown fur wading across the water and carrying something in its arms.

After scores of people offered their hypotheses on the bizarre scene, Bigfoot eggheads at the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization decided to analyse the footage for themselves.

Posting a follow-up video to their YouTube channel, the group contemplated the different potential explanations.

Listing some of the ideas they’d been sent, one of the Sasquatch pros says: “Some [people] think it’s bigfoot, others think it may be a hunter with fishing gear, a hunter carrying a dog, their drunk uncle...”

He continues: “A lot of people think that it’s maybe someone with a mosquito net or a face covering.

“There’s a side profile screenshot that plainly shows the nose exposed to the air and it’s the same colour as the rest of it.”

To get a better glimpse, the organisation slowed down the recording to half speed, cropped it and zoomed in and out, but still it was impossible to make a conclusive breakthrough.

“It may very well be a person,” the voiceover continues. “I hear people saying it’s someone in hip waders, I’ve never seen hip waders that go up over your head, I don’t know, maybe stretch them up over his face and head, and I don’t know how his big old schnozz is still sticking out there on the side.”

But, alas, it appears they’re not closer to discovering the true identity, with the expert acknowledging: “I don’t know what it is, there are a lot more questions than answers.”

And so the Bigfoot legend continues, as it has done for hundreds of years...

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