Billie Eilish performs at Glastonbury 2022

A clip recently went viral of a screen glitch during a Billie Eilish concert, and now it has been made into a filter where people can hilariously appear in the screen backdrop.

During the singer's concert in Sydney, Eilish was performing her emotional song "when the party's over" from her album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?"

However, as she sat on a chair singing the tune the massive screen behind her suddenly changed to a different visual of a car for a split second (not exactly matching the vibe of the ballad).

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Eilish herself noticed the change as she looked behind her in confusion but saw the funny side to it as she shouted "What the f***" while laughing at the error before she continued singing the rest of the song.


when the wrong visuals came up during when the party’s over 💀 #billie #eilish #billieeilish #happierthanevertour #sydney #australia #fyp

Many of the clips capturing the moment have gone viral but TikToker Julia Roga (@filtersbyjulia) took things further by taking one of the clips and cutting out the car background for people to use as a filter.

And it's created some entertaining videos.

In Roga's original clip, she uses the filter where she suddenly appears in the background and acted surprised before throwing up two peace signs.

"I can’t believe this screen glitch happened at a Billie Eilish concert," she joked.


I can’t believe this screen glitch happened at a Billie Eilish concert 🫣#billieeilish #filter #newfilter @filtersbyjulia

Soon enough, people were trying the filter out for themselves and there have been over 42,000 TikToks that used it.

Here are some of our favourites from the trend:

"No way they made this into a filter lmfaooo," TikToker Gio Mars (@giomars_) wrote on his video that has over 962,000 views and added in the caption: "Got me laughing my a$ off on the toilet rn."


Got me laughing my a$$ off on the toilet rn 😭 #giomars #filter #billieeilish #concert #FlexEveryAngle #fyp #comedy #funny #viral

TikToker Johnny (@johnny.b__ ) wrote: "Why'd it do me like that?" as his caption when the background cut to him picking his nose in a video that has received 4.5m views.


Why’d it do me like that? #viral #bilieeilish #fyp #foryourpage #foryoupage #funny #caught

"That time I accidentally joined the live stream at Billie's concert," TikToker @lelacarabae quipped, appearing surprised as she appeared on screen and her video has since gained 3.5m views.


This filter is crazy 😂 #hilarious #comedу #filter #billiesconcert #billieeilish

If you want to do this trend yourself, all you need to do is search for "Billies concert by Julia," and it's the first filter in the results and to get the corresponding song, search for "Billies concert filter sound."

Perhaps Billie could do a special compilation of videos from the viral trend next time she sings this song...

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