The awkward moment Billie Eilish ignores superfan on Zoom call

The awkward moment Billie Eilish ignores superfan on Zoom call

A Zoom call between Billie Eilish and her super fans has surfaced to TikTok – and people believe she point-blank ignored one of their heartfelt comments.

Titled, ‘Billie was lagging poor girl’, the clip posted by @billie.takis.duh shows the presenter announcing that they had time for one last question before the singer had to leave. The fan said, “It wasn’t a question but thank you, I love you so much, Billie.”

In response, the Bad Guy singer said... Nothing.

Some fans think the singer had lagged – others weren’t so convinced@billie.takis.duh / TikTok

The 19-year-old stares back at the camera with a blank expression until the call ends. While there’s suspicion that the singer’s computer had lagged, one TikTok user refused to believe it. “To anyone who says Billie was lagging, she really wasn’t”, they said.

The video has since racked up 1.5 million views and 6.3K mixed comments. “You can literally see her moving/breathing when she’s ‘lagging’”, one highlighted, while another disapproved of her ‘reaction’, “She just acted like she wasn’t even there.”

“Why is Billie like that?” Another curious user asked.

One TikToker added, “Is it really that hard to smile back at her, at least.”

Last month, Eilish dropped her new album, Happier Than Ever – which critics have praised as “defiant.” She explores the pressures of fame and gives her unfiltered perspective of her rapid ascent to fame.

She described the follow-up to her 2019 debut as, “The most fulfilling most satisfying and profound experience i’ve ever had with my music.

“I love every song on this project so so much it literally scares me thinking about putting it out into the world for anyone to listen to. i feel like crying. i grew so much in the process of making this album and experienced so much self realization and self reflection”, she said in an Instagram post.

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