Bird goes viral for magical rendition of the Harry Potter theme song

Bird goes viral for magical rendition of the Harry Potter theme song
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A bird has stunned TikTok viewers by being able to sing the iconic Harry Potter theme song.

TikToker @farijuana_ who is a 34-year-old self-described "bird mom" to her European Starling called Zephyr regularly posts videos about him, including the fact that she has managed to train Zephyr to sing and speak.

"He fell out of his nest and was in the parking lot of a deli I used to work for on a 95f day. He was about 9 days old," she explained in one video and added: "He was gargling out words by the time he was 3-4 months old."

"Starlings are great vocal mimics: individuals can learn the calls of up to 20 different species," according to All About Birds, and Zephyr is no different.

In some of the clips on her profile, she captures Zephyr copying her by saying words like "bird" and "I love you," as well as beatboxing and even The Addams Family theme but it appears the bird also has a knack for mimicking the popular Harry Potter theme song - Hedwig's Theme, by John Williams.

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"Harry Potter theme, love his little 'breath' he takes in the middle," @farijuana wrote in overlay text as Zephyr, perch on his mum's hand took it away with his rendition of the theme tune - having to copy his mum by taking a little breath in during the song to finish singing.

"I love how he even mimics the breath I take in the middle of whistling," she wrote as the post caption.


I love how he even mimics the breath I take in the middle of whistling😅 #fypシ #europeanstarling #talkingbird #harrypotter #InstaxChallenge #OscarsAtHome #BridgertonScandal #HaloSilverTeam

Since sharing Zephyr's version of the song, the TikTok video has received a whopping 10.9m views, along with 2.6m likes and over 17,000 comments from people who loved the little bird's performance.

One person said: "This is the most magical thing ever."

"This is so friggin cute omg," another person wrote.

Meanwhile, others loved the breath he took in the middle of his cover.

One person said: "Little breath? my man was gasping for air"

"Awww haha the mimic of you inhaling lol that's so cute!!" another person said.

Someone else added: "The fact that he’s not actually taking a breath, rather copying YOU taking a breath, I love him."

Among the comments, were requests for Zephyr to recreate Rue's iconic whistle from The Hunger Games to which the TikToker said: "I could definitely try to teach him!"

So perhaps this could be Zephyr's next big video...

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