People born in this month are more likely to be successful, study finds

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Researchers claim that being born in one particular month of the year means you are more likely to achieve success.

The study, conducted by researchers from the Universities of Toronto, Florida, and Northwestern looked at data from roughly one million public school students in Florida, born between 1994 and 2000.

They found that students born in September were more confident, more likely to attend university, and less likely to do time in a juvenile prison.

It also found that students born in August tended to struggle more in school than pupils born in other months.

The reason for these two extremes may be down to the school year, which in England and Wales and many US States begins in September, making September births the oldest and August births the youngest in their cohort.

The maturity gap of 11 months can be huge when students are first attending school, and can impact confidence, and attainment.

To get yourself a September born offspring, try extra hard to conceive in December.

Many parents seem to have adopted this strategy already.

In England and Wales, the NHS regularly reports a spike in the number of births happening in September.

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