Woman reveals Bitcoin-miner boyfriend's home filled with security cameras and safe

Woman reveals Bitcoin-miner boyfriend's home filled with security cameras and safe
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A woman took to TikTok to show off her crypto miner boyfriend's basement filled items that she says "just makes sense" for him to own.

TikTok user @firstblock participated in the trend many TikTokers have joined where they go around their home and show off a few of the random items they have, to Louis Prima's "Che La Luna."

"Do you have this boyfriend at home?" she captioned the video.


Do you have this boyfriend at home ? #fyp

In the video, the woman shows her followers a "very old switchboard," boxes full of graphic cards, "noisy fans on the windows," more boxes in the bathroom, a hole in the wall, a safe, and an empty Tesla bottle.

The living space also has the added safety feature of having security cameras everywhere.

While the person making the video might have had good intentions in wanting to simply join in on the viral TikTok trend, many people in the comments expressed their annoyance and anger with crypto-miners and the booming crypto scene.

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"Miners are bottom barrel members of society," wrote one person.

Another person added: "I cannot wait until crypto dies off."

"I would rather swear a vow of celibacy rather than willingly admit I sleep with a crypto miner," said another.

People also went on to call out Crypto for its part in environmental damage.

"Why do people think crypo is cool when it's wasting the planet and making select few people a lot of money? Crypto was a dream that didn't work out," said another.

One comment read: "Crypto mining has single handedly reversed the reduction in our carbon footprint which we are trying to make with renewable energy and electric cars."

Well, at least her boyfriend didn't take tips from the crypto-bros who are currently choosing NFT girlfriends over real ones...

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