A gruesome fact about blending everyone on the planet has gone viral

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A gruesome fact about the human population, and what would happen if everyone on the planet was blended together, has gone viral.

While it’s pretty grim to think about, a viral tweet posted by Twitter user @_AstroErika claimed that if you blended the bodies of everyone on Earth into a big goo ball, it wouldn’t actually be as big as you might think.

The tweet read: “If you blended all 7.88 billion ppl on Earth into a fine goo (density of a human=985 kg/m3, average human body mass=62 kg), you would end up with a sphere of human goo just under 1 km wide.

“This is a visualization of how that would look like in Central Park.”

The tweet, which has been liked over 63,000 times, was accompanied by a mocked-up image of what this ball of goo may look like placed in Central Park.

Central Park is the fifth-largest park in the world, measuring 843 acres. Despite the number of people on Earth, the ball comprised of the whole world’s population doesn’t even cover the whole park.

Following the first tweet, @_AstroErika added: “P.s. You are in this photo....”

The fact has rather unsurprisingly baffled internet users, who also saw it posted on Reddit.

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One person joked: “This is the final Stranger Things villain.”

Someone else wrote: “i wanna be a part of something bigger than myself

“the thing bigger than myself:”

Another commented: “It's amazing a tumor of this size is killing the planet so quickly.”

They say you learn something new every day, and with facts like this, I think we can all agree that's true.

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