Boris Johnson to transform NHS into 'blockbuster system in age of Netflix' and people are baffled

Boris Johnson to transform NHS into 'blockbuster system in age of Netflix' and people are baffled
Boris Johnson tells cabinet there is 'ample scope' to better handle cost ...

Boris Johnson is going to make the NHS into "a blockbuster health care system in the age of Netflix" and no we don't know what that means either.

Journalist Adam Bienkov reported that the PM's spokesman made the remarks but didn't exactly extrapolate on them.

Meanwhile health secretary Sajid Javid reportedly made the comparison during this morning's cabinet meeting, and warned it was “no longer simply an option to stick to the status quo”, hinting at changes in areas including the use of technology and data to help frontline workers.

And when asked what he meant by the Blockbuster comment, Huffington Post reports that the spokesman said: “I think he was effectively making the point that some of the structures and systems within the healthcare system were designed for a different age and they’ve not been suitably updated over the years, and that coming out of the pandemic, it was no longer an option effectively to stick with the status quo.”

Yup, we are as lost as you are.

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People were very confused by the statement and some questioned whether the Blockbuster reference was on purpose, since the video rental company went (Block)bust in 2014:

Others joked about what an NHS Netflix hybrid would look like, and questioned whether it would be any good:

And others were just left scratching their heads wondering what it all meant:

Later Bienkov added:

Just another baffling day in Tory Britain.

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