Awkward photo of Boris Johnson watching England game Photoshopped with Matt Hancock affair footage

<p>Boris and Carrie watching the, er, big match</p>

Boris and Carrie watching the, er, big match

Twitter/Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted a photo of himself and his wife, Carrie, watching the England vs Germany Euro 2020 game on his office TV - and Twitter pounced.

“Come on, England!” Johnson’s tweet read, next to a slightly awkward-looking photograph of him perched on the edge of a table.

But someone on the platform decided to poke fun by rapidly superimposing surveillance images of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo’s recent steamy tryst - a scandal which resulted in Hancock quitting after a newspaper published it.

The Photoshopped post, naturally, triggered more memes, jokes, and responses:

Some people thought he was doing a staged photo-op and looked uncomfortable watching the game, as he was sitting on a table and not a chair.

“Apparently, that measly £300,000-a-year isn’t enough to buy chairs,” someone said.

“Another staged photoshoot. Oh, look at me, man of the people. Who sits at home perched on the end of a table watching a football match ffs!” another person wrote.

Others also pointed out Johnson’s rubbish collection bins, one of them titled, “CONFIDENTIAL”, right next to recycling. Not the best placement, to be honest.

On Friday, a CCTV recording was released that showed Hancock embracing Coladangelo for a passionate smooch which made the internet buzz. Pressure for Hancock to resign over the situation ensued.

Johnson also apologized to the public for letting them down after The Sun first reported that Hancock was having an affair.

Despite calling Hancock ‘hopeless’ via text messages to Dominic Cummings, Johnson was apparently was reluctant to accept Hancock’s resignation, saying, “You [Hancock] should be immensely proud of your service. I am grateful for your support and believe that your contribution to public service is far from over.”

Former Chancellor Sajid Javid has been named as his replacement.

Given Hancock was in charge of advising the PM on Covid restrictions, many highlighted the fact that 60,000 people at Wembley while others aren’t allowed to hold normal weddings feels ... wrong?

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