Hilarious moment schoolboy confuses Boris Johnson for The Rock

Hilarious moment schoolboy confuses Boris Johnson for The Rock

Most children are aware of some of the most famous faces in popular culture, politics, and current affairs. But sometimes they mix them up, and the result is side-splitting.

On comedian Russell Howard’s Playground Politics, the 41-year-old asked two school children how they think Boris Johnson’s done.

One of the kids piped up: “He is really strong. I mean he does eat like 100 pancakes in the morning.”

The audience laughs as Howard asks the schoolboy what the Prime Minister does after guzzling pancakes.

“Um, I guess he just has a big drink,” the boy answered.

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Probing further, Howard asked what Boris washes the pancakes down with, and the other child suggests wine.

“He has made a lot of good movies like Jumanji,” he said.

The other child asked: “What? Since when has Boris Johnson ever been in Jumanji?”

“He was in the movie,” the kid answers.

Howard then realised that the schoolboy had mixed up Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with Boris Johnson. Howard chuckled and said it was “a brilliant thing to have done.”

The little boy responded to the correction by laughing and putting his head in his hand.

But the kid wasn’t too far off the mark!

In 2019 The Rock previously joked about being related to Boris, laughing: “He’s my cousin, it’s like looking in the mirror every time I see Boris.”

There are a few key differences between The Rock and Boris. For one, the Hollywood heartthrob would absolutely get all of our votes. Secondly, one is The Rock, the other’s just a (rude word that rhymes with rock).

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