Woman told 'that's not gonna work' after asking boss for time off for family emergency

Woman told 'that's not gonna work' after asking boss for time off for family emergency

A boss has faced criticism online after a woman shared an awkward exchange about a family emergency.

Jenna was left shocked after her boss denied her a day off to see her grandfather after he fell and suffered serious injuries.

The ‘heatless’ response from her boss took her by surprise, and many social media users criticised him for his actions on Reddit.

After realising she would need a day off to go to hospital and see her grandfather, Jenna text her boss to make the request.

The message read: “Hi, I just got a call from my mum. My grandpa fell and is in the hospital with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. She said she doesn't know how long he might be around for and I'd like to go visit him tomorrow when he's awake.


“If you absolutely need me to open the shop tomorrow, I'm happy to as long as I can leave by 8:30. If you won't be in before then, I'll need to take tomorrow off. I'm sorry for the late notice, my mum just called me.”

She added: “My boyfriend's mum will take care of the vet appointment I mentioned the other day.”

After explaining her predicament, her boss was not sympathetic at all.

“That's not going to work. We are a week before Christmas,” he wrote.

He added: “Don't bother coming in.”

The woman shared the exchange on Reddit, adding the caption: “Guess I'm looking for a new job.”

Plenty of people criticised the boss's actions, with one writing: "What a piece of s***. That company doesn't deserve your services anymore. Good luck with the job hunt and best wishes for your grandfather."

Another said: "So their solution to not having enough staff is to fire one of their staff?"

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