Employee ‘punished’ for not giving boss a home tour during Zoom meeting

Employee ‘punished’ for not giving boss a home tour during Zoom meeting
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A woman on TikTok said that she declined to give her boss a tour of her home on Zoom, resulting in her boss leaving her out of important meetings and giving her an unrealistic workload.

Alia, the woman in question who goes by @aliatyler on the platform, explained one of the reasons why she decided to quit her job.

"When everyone likes to claim they have a toxic job. But when you turn down your boss' request for a Zoom tour of your house, she stopped inviting you to important meetings and gave you 2 large projects that needed to be completed in less than a week," she wrote in the video's onscreen text.

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Reason 736 why I quit 🫠. #iquitmytoxicjob #officehotgirl #officehumor #corporatelife

In a follow-up video, she gave more background on how the situation played out.

Alia said that she tends to keep her work and personal life separate because she doesn't believe they "have anything to do" with one another.

Alia also said this didn't coincide with her boss' personality, who allegedly asked her about her personal life.

One day, it all came to a head when Alia and her boss were due to have their weekly check-in.

As Alia was getting herself together for the meeting, she said she noticed that her Wi-Fi was down.

She also shared that she texted her boss to inform her of the delay, then was able to log back on a few minutes later once the Wi-Fi returned.

While entering the Zoom call, Alia said she apologised and reiterated that her Wi-Fi went down, adding that this also disconnected all her smart appliances.

She said the smart appliances comment allegedly prompted the boss' curiosity about the appliance, and she proceed to ask for a tour of the home.

Alia told her boss that she was not "really comfortable with that."

But after some more alleged hounding from the boss, Alia simply responded: "'I'd rather just focus on work right now.'"

As explained by Alia, this resulted in a rapid change in her boss. The boss allegedly wanted two massive projects to be completed in only two days, didn't really respond to emails, and took Alia out of several meetings.

Alia concluded: "Good news is, I no longer work there."

People took to the comments section of her post to praise her for standing in her truth and shared their own experiences of their bosses overstepping boundaries.

One person wrote: "I'm so glad you said no. That's completely unacceptable."

"This is literally my prev supervisor, the CBO. She was OBSEESED. I didn't have the filter on once, and she questioned what was behind me," another added, while a third wrote: "I can completely relate!! Had the same thing happen to me based on the car I drive."

Someone else added:" I'll never understand how bosses think they have the right to invade the privacy of their employees. She definitely overstepped. I'm so sorry."

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