Viral hoax convinces people Lady Gaga will overturn Brazilian election

Viral hoax convinces people Lady Gaga will overturn Brazilian election
Brazil elections: Celebrations as left-wing Lula reclaims presidency from Bolsonaro

A viral hoax has some Brazilian people believing that the iconic singer Lady Gaga is going to overturn the country’s recent election result.

Recently, Brazilians came out to vote in the country’s presidential election. It was a vote largely viewed as the most important election in decades.

It was narrowly won by the country’s left-wing former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who saw a victory of 2.1m votes – 50.9 per cent to 49.1 per cent.

The candidate, also known as Lula, democratically defeated right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro, but now a viral hoax has left some pro-Bolsonaro Brazilians believing that Lady Gaga will overturn the election.

Semafor reports that there is a social media post circulating among his fans that suggests Bolsonaro took part in a conference call with a Hague official named Stefani Germanotta (Gaga's real name) about “federal intervention” that would be able to overturn the result.

But, the post is obviously fake since the alleged Hague “official” Germanotta, edited into the picture, is better known as the singer Lady Gaga.

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The image of the singer was taken from a 2020 appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In the interview, she could be seen wearing glasses, a black high-neck top and a grey blazer.

Responding to a tweet about the hoax, one person suggested: “Follow Brazilian politics and you'll never get bored.”

Another argued: “Brazilian Qanon is just as dumb and scary as American Qanon, but also infinitely funnier.”

“They used her full legal name and everything,” another Twitter user commented.

After a short delay following this election defeat, Bolsonaro broke his silence without definitively publicly conceding to Lula.

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