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Belgian politician Guy Verhofstadt is no stranger to mocking British MPs on Twitter.

Since Britain voted to leave the EU, their chief Brexit negotiator and MEP hasn't shied away from showing his impartiality.

Most of his tweets are in English, presumably so British media and Brexit supporters can read it.

Here are some of his sassiest posts from recent months.

In July, whilst on a visit to the UK, he was invited by David Davis, the UK's chief Brexit negotiator, to the Silverstone racetrack for the Silverstone Classic, a world renowned vintage car festival

Verhofstadt is a self-confessed fan of old British cars so you could say that this might have been a canny bargaining tool on Davis's behalf.

However, his Belgian counterpart had the last laugh with a Twitter post, that included a not so subtle dig at Brexit.

Oh Guy. You devil.

This isn't the first time the pair have bonded over classic cars.

In November 2016 Davis met Verhofstadt in Brussels for an informal discussion when the subject was first brought up.

The International Business Times quote Verhofstadt as saying:

It's true for a good negotiations you needs tensions, [but] at the same time you also need to respond to each other on a personal level and that was certainly the case

The meeting went well and it was the first time getting to know each... We started to talk about old cars. It seems maybe to a lot of people a little bit strange, but I like old cars.

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