Brexiteers are taking credit for how well the UK is doing in the Olympics

Picture: Franck Fife/Getty
Picture: Franck Fife/Getty

Britain is racking up those Olympic medals because of Brexit. Allegedly.

So Team GB are doing swimmingly in the Olympics. And all of the other sports too. So many medals. So much glory. Since Sunday, Team GB has become second in the medals table. Nearly half of our medals have been gold!

Of course, as the EU referendum showed us, there's very little that either Leavers or Remainers won't politicise.

According to some Brexiteers, the British athletes (many of whom qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics in 2015) are succeeding because of the Leave vote.

Head honcho Nigel Farage also hinted at the parallel between Olympians winning athletic competitions and a country being better off outside of an economic union.

Even the MP Michael Fabricant is parroting this logic.

Some of the hashtags for this. The state of it.

It's a metaphor, but it actually happened.

Facing outwards?

The great British tradition of poetry has been invoked and the bards have sung their sweet songs.

Of course, Remainers have also had their say. Mainly to lament the fact that this might be the last Olympics in which Team Great Britain competes, in the eventuality that Scotland declares independence because of Brexit.

Hey Britain! Want to keep up this hot streak? Call Brexit for Gold today or visit They'll take your unwanted EU membership and exchange it for gold medals. Hooray!

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