Incredibly awkward moment bride gets confused with her groom’s ex

<p>A bride was accidentally called by her groom’s ex-girlfriend’s name during  a wedding photoshoot.</p>

A bride was accidentally called by her groom’s ex-girlfriend’s name during a wedding photoshoot.

Photo courtesy of @jpvideography2141

Can you imagine being called by an ex-partner’s name while taking wedding photos? Well, that just happened to one bride who was called by her new husband’s ex-girlfriend’s name.

In a viral TikTok video posted by @jpvideoraphy2141, a wedding photographer, the seemingly awkward moment was captured. A photographer was in the middle of taking pictures of the bridal party for the special day until accidentally calling the bride Katelyn Taylor by mistake.

JP Videography shares many priceless and candid behind-the-scenes moments of weddings on the TikTok page, such as regularly sharing candid videos taken during the behind-the-scenes of weddings, such as family dance traditions and brides fathers seeing them in their gown prior to walking down the aisle.

“1,2,3... Corey and Taylor look at each other,” said the photographer as Katelyn turned to the groom with a slight grin and chuckled as members of the party looked a bit shocked but giggled alongside her.

“That’s his ex,” said Katelyn appearing humored by the situation.

In another scene in the video, the photographer seems to make the same mistake of calling the bride Taylor a second time, and thankfully everyone laughed along.

“The couple, just say the couple,” said one of the groomsmen.

In the comments on the video - that has more than 2.1 million views - @jpvideoraphy2141 wrote, “the bride from the week before was named Taylor.”

Check out the full video here.

Some people in the comments of the video were furious on the bride’s behalf.

“I would be LIVID! She corrected you once, and you do it again?! Miss girl, finish these pictures and give her a refund,” someone wrote.

“After the first time, I would have actually gotten mad; lmao unprofessional. How do you not even know the name of the bride of the wedding you’re working,” another added.

A photographer in the comments seemed to sympathize with the photographer for the blunder, saying, “As a photographer, I call people the wrong name ALL the time... I would die if this happened to me.”

JP Videography also told indy100 that the situation was a “pure luck coincidences that happened,” and the photographer probably did the wedding with the bride named ‘Taylor’ “the day before or the week before,” which might have led to the “unintentional” moment.

Others jokingly suggested that the photographer “was told to do this by Taylor” and was “probably friends with Taylor.”

And in the name of television humor, someone else brought out the Friends reference with Ross calling Emily ‘Rachel’ while reciting his vows.

At least the bride, groom, and party found the humor in the situation!

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