Bride slammed for charging guests $99 to eat at her wedding reception

Bride slammed for charging guests $99 to eat at her wedding reception

A bride has been criticised after she said she would be charging her guests $99 to eat at her wedding reception.

Posting on Reddit, one of the bride’s friend said she had received an invitation to the wedding, which explained “we are unable to afford the food, so it will be $99 per head banquet style”.

If that wasn’t controversial enough, the guest added that the wedding will be “a 4 hour drive away from us and kid free so we need to pay for petrol, accommodation, outfits, babysitter and our food to eat at the wedding”.

The guest added that the reception will not have an open bar, but it will have “a wishing well” - which is a box that guests put money into to “go towards their future, honeymoon or new house.”

But the poster added: “They have 3 kids and a house already, and are not planning on a honeymoon.”

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Reacting to the story, most people found it pretty stingy.

“I wouldn’t even let the ink dry on the ‘unfortunately we are unable to attend’ reply before I mailed that off,” one commented.

Another joked: “Probably have to pay for return postage too.”

A third questioned :”Why do people always think that a wedding is a valid reason to go over budget? There is no way any food is good enough to justify $99 a person at a wedding”.

And a fourth said: “I hope they enjoy having a reception with no guests. I don’t pay $99 when I go to a restaurant and can choose what I want - I’m damn well not going to pay it for someone else’s pre-determined menu.”

Seems like the wedding may be a little thin on attendees...

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