Bride asked wedding photographer to take explicit photos of her wedding night and internet is cringing
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A bride has caused a stir on the internet over a cringe-worthy request she made to a photographer – asking him to take intimate photos of her wedding night.

The bride’s request came to light when a Florida woman shared the message that was sent to her photographer pal to the Facebook group, That’s it, I’m wedding shaming (non ban-happy edition).

First reported by the Daily Mail, the bride noted that it would be her very first time with her husband, and she wanted the photographer to capture that moment as part of her two-day wedding celebration.

The bride’s request definitely had people a bit taken aback, with some saying that she would regret immortalizing the private and intimate moment with her husband on film.

Here’s the message the Florida woman shared to the group: “Haha, my photographer friend sends me the best stuff. ‘Can you photograph for 24 hours plus do a porn shoot for us losing our virginity after?’”

The message the bride wrote to the photographer (who isn’t named) said, ‘I’m looking for a last-minute photographer, the one we had just canceled on us.”

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The bride also revealed what the wedding coverage would involve.

‘We need three-four photographers since it’s scheduled to last two days, but we would settle for two as beggars can’t be choosers,’ she said.

She also added: “We are willing to pay for all the raw images.”

This request became the butt of jokes as people commented on her wanting to make her first sexual experience a movie.

“If they’re waiting until marriage for sex, that’s their choice. But someone needs to tell them that their first time will be awkward and probably not make for a great photoshoot,” wrote a commenter.

“You gotta admire the confidence of two virgins who are absolutely sure they’re going to be so killer at sex the first time out the gate that they can perform in front of an audience and film it for future viewing,” wrote another commenter.

Some people said that having a team of cameramen could make the moment awkward and less magical.

“Nothing makes for a relaxing first sexual experience like a camera crew,” said a third commenter.

A fourth commenter who says they are a photographer noted that they wouldn’t accept anything less than $10,000 because “what the f***.”

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