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A newlywed's special day almost turned into a disaster when she accidentally set fire to her wedding flowers.

In a clip that was a viral hit with 1.7 million views, TikTok user Emily Jackson took to the platform to share the ultimate bouquet blunder ahead of her first dance.

The bride positions her flowers in a vase in the centre of the table as instructed by her wedding photographer – who later informed viewers in the comments: "Two things - she was told to put the flowers there she isn’t dumb, and don’t worry I wasn’t mad at."

Within seconds the bouquet went up in flames while the attendees gasp in horror.

The photographer rushes in and picks the flowers up with her bare hands before her, and a male guest stomps the fire out on the floor.

The mortified bride covers her mouth in shock as her groom rubs her back sympathetically.

Redemption since TikTok took it down for unsafe acts ##HoldMyMilk #weddingfail #ohno #weddingbouquet #oops #foryou #


Redemption since TikTok took it down for unsafe acts ##HoldMyMilk #weddingfail #ohno #weddingbouquet #oops #foryou #

Redemption since TikTok took it down for unsafe acts ##HoldMyMilk #weddingfail #ohno #weddingbouquet #oops #foryou #

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Hundreds of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip to applaud the photographer for saving the day. "Girl you better have tipped that photographer," one commented while another commended her as "the real hero."

Others poked fun at the grandma, who at one point applauded the wrong person.

"Photographer: picks up a burning bouquet, shakes it out and steps on it. Man: steps on it once and gets all the credit lmao," one joked.

Another added: "The photographer literally grabbed a big wad of fire and put it out and the man got the praise."

Talk about a day to remember.

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