Bride and groom’s first dance goes terribly wrong when she dislocates her knee in freak accident

<p>Newlyweds Julie Benn and Paul Richter dancing at their wedding  reception (left) – until he bride dislocates her knee (right)</p>

Newlyweds Julie Benn and Paul Richter dancing at their wedding reception (left) – until he bride dislocates her knee (right)


Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be memorable and one bride definitely had an unforgettable day after an unfortunate medical mishap.

After postponing their wedding because of the pandemic, couple Julie Benn and Paul Richter were finally able to marry on July 3 in Philadelphia.

At the reception, the newlyweds were ready to hit the dance floor for their first dance.

But, with all the excitement, perhaps Julie and Paul hit the dance floor a bit too hard.

Filmed in a TikTok by Paul’s sister Liz, the pair are seen slow dancing together, before Paul gently leans Julie back – but, somehow, she dislocates her knee in the process.

In a lot of pain, Julie can be seen bending down to clutch her leg in pain, as she clings onto her concerned husband and hobbles off the dance floor. You can watch the video in full here.

Paul recalled the moment to People, saying: “[Her knee] went out and Julie looked at me right away and she goes, ‘I dislocated my knee.’ Just like that, she knew.

“So then my mindset goes from like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re having a great dance right now,’ to, ‘All right, get her a chair.’”

Julie explained to the same publication: “[They’re] holding my knee in place, supporting it, and it was blinding, searing pain.”

(Left) The bride is pictured on a stretcher as she is taken to hospital for treatment (right)TikTok/liz_richter

Emergency services were called and Julie was taken into hospital where she received treatment.

The bride was given the maximum dosage of painkillers as doctors reset her knee. Incredibly, the couple were determined to not let the incident ruin their night and returned to their reception where they received huge cheers.

(Left) The couple and groom’s sister take a selfie in the hospital (right) a photo of the leg strapped up from where the bride dislocated her kneeTikTok/liz_richter

Julie’s knee remains swollen and she gets physical therapy for it three times per day.

The married couple couldn’t believe the amount of support they received after the unfortunate incident.

“We have felt so loved by everyone,” Julie said, while Paul described the support as “amazing.”

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