Bride says she felt ‘lied-to’ after learning husband's secret on wedding night

Bride says she felt ‘lied-to’ after learning husband's secret on wedding night

The newlyweds waited till their honeymoon to consummate their marriage


Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest of your life and your wedding night the icing on that multi-tiered cake.

However, that wasn’t the case for one blushing bride who was stunned to discover that her new husband had been harbouring a tiny… secret as they celebrated their nuptials.

The woman, 27, wrote about her shock in a resurfaced Reddit post, in which she explained that she and her partner, 32, had only been together a year when they tied the knot and that they had waited to consummate their relationship.

“My husband isn't a religious guy, he just says he is ‘old fashioned like that’,” she wrote.

“We got close to fooling around a couple [of] times but it never went far. I tried, but he always stopped after it went ‘too far’.”

In her headline to the post, she broke down the situation in the starkest terms, saying that her husband had “surprised [her] with micropenis on [their] honeymoon.”

She then asked readers if she was wrong to be upset that she had “waited until [her] wedding night to find out that he probably isn't as ‘old fashioned’ as he says he is;” implying that he had insisted on celibacy purely to delay the anatomical discovery.

The bride said she felt like something was 'intentionally withheld' from heriStock

“I'm not going to shame him and honestly I don't even know how I'll broach the topic,” she continued, adding that, at the time, she “just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary”.

But, she went on: “I dunno. I kind of feel lied to. Like a half-truth...or something was intentionally withheld from me.

“This was unexpected, to say the least”

Her admission was met with a flood of comments from fellow Redditors, prompting her to respond with further updates.

“My inbox is blowing up with d**k pics. Guys...really? I've seen d**ks before. I know what they look like,” she said in one follow-up.

In a subsequent message, she wrote that her husband had seen her post and now wanted to “leave [her] and [sue] her” for “defamation of character”.

“He says it's only a matter of time before someone leaks his name,” she went on, explaining that he had seen the post “through an old friend of his who knew he had a micropenis and saw on his [Facebook] that he had just gotten married.”

In her next update, she said she had confronted her husband about “intentionally keeping” his secret from her, to which he replied that he was “sure [she] would leave him if [she] knew about the size prior to the wedding.”

She continued: “He wanted to talk before the wedding but feared it being called off because of his micropenis and said if both families found out/gossiped about it he would be crushed.

“Which is basically what I did with the entire world via Reddit.”

She said her husband had threatened to sue her for 'defamation' after finding out about her Reddit postiStock

In her final message on the debacle, she addressed all the people who had sent her “hate mail”, saying: “I assure you, my husband is a sweet, sweet man. I wouldn't just walk away from him for this.

“Nobody is perfect. And if the roles were reversed and he was upset about my lady bits not being up to par, the world would hate him.”

She concluded: “This is such a unique situation to find yourself in. Thanks for the support.”

A repost of the dramatic thread was shared to the ‘Best of Redditor Updates’ forum, with users largely united in their criticism of the original poster (OP)’s husband.

“I’d be upset about the manoeuvring this guy did, not his actual equipment size,” one commentator responded.

“Yeah, ‘I thought you wouldn't want to marry me if you knew X, so I withheld this information from your purposely’ is gross and manipulative,” pointed out another.

“I feel terrible for her and feel terrible she thinks he is still a good guy,” wrote a third. “She's blinded by pity and manipulation right now, I hope she leaves his a**.

“If there was something wrong with her and she lied about it to him until she trapped him I'd feel the same way. His behaviour was appalling.”

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