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If there’s one thing Tessica Brown taught us, it’s that glue belongs as far away from hair and other body parts as possible.

One bride in Brazil apparently missed this memo, however, when she asked to have her ears stuck back with strong adhesive for her special day.

The woman responsible for the sticking – hair stylist Mí Martins – proudly shared the unadvisable beauty hack via an Instagram reel.

“Today’s bride asked for a high bun but didn’t want her ears to show,” Martins wrote (in Portuguese) for the clip’s caption, adding: “She’s already been using this gluing technique for some time!”

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The short video shows Martins brandishing a tube of Three Bond Super 1000 glue before spreading it delicately along the back of bride Lorena Mendes’s ear and pressing it down.

The reel has been viewed more than 20.2 million times and racked up more than half a million likes since it was posted at the end of August, with viewers stunned by the risky piece of DIY.

Numerous commentators branded the act “crazy” and “absurd”, with some asking if Mendes had considered how she’d look if one of the ears became unstuck during the ceremony.

Another Instagrammer asked how Mendes would “release” her ears back to their normal state after the big day, to which a second replied: “Just moisten a gauze or cotton pad with Coca-Cola and pass it over the area, it will quickly remove the glue.”

Others tried to champion more body-positive messages, with one writing: “I would never hide anything of mine, even if it wasn't perfect!” before conceding that the bride did it “of her own free will” and “everyone is free to do what they want with themselves and their body.”

Before and after shots of Lorena Mendes's ear-glue transformation@mimartins_hair/Instagram

All we can say is, the bride did look very happy with the results, but we don’t recommend trying this at home.

And despite the backlash, Martins hasn’t taken down the reel from her Instagram page. No, it remains stuck firmly in place, just like her client's ears.

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